Its 2015 and for the entire year the “I AM ISTANBUL” photographers have been out on the streets of Istanbul with their cameras. And its not just about taking photographs, a need arises to really get to know the human element formed in the moment. It starts with a simple hello, or a kind wish for the workday, and grows into a conversation. The subjects we shoot get to know us better, and we them, as we touch each other’s lives.  That person’s life as seen by the photographer is reborn in the moment. And looking back on a year’s work some ideas came to us as we browsed the pages of a photography book.  What if this time we shoot Istanbul for a full 365 days?  No gaps, every single day, through four seasons and for 52 weeks. And what if our title is “Fragments of Life” for instance. To document events from each day in the life of mighty Istanbul would create a future reference to look back on and remember.  An open choice of subject, anywhere, as each photographer prefers, whether in colour or black and white. The only rule is to shoot on each calendar day beginning a minute past midnight to the following midnight. Whether its the city’s streets, its shopkeepers, play parks, public meetings, street peddlers, the local greengrocer, the museums, scenes from people’s homes, its students, its jewelers, weddings, holidays, spring blossoms, neighbourhood pets, the traffic, the rat-race or just its serenity… wherever inspiration meets emotion, whatever the story. If we connect with the people in our photographs, then rather than just snapping the shutter it would become a part of our work to get to know them, chat with them and share our experiences. That’s how this maverick journey started. It was December when we decided that myself and 26 other photographers would volunteer to undertake the project.It might have snowed or rained, it might have been no different from a fine spring day or there might even have been disturbances on the streets the day they all set out on their journey.In order to avoid working randomly it was a must for “ISTANBUL 365” that we discussed in advance the days we would work as well as researching the days, places and subjects to shoot. In such a project, the first of its kind in Turkey, part of the fun was to learn bits and pieces as we went along.Under the guidance of Niko Guido, the work of the 26 photographers tells the day-to-day photo-history of Istanbul throughout 2016. One photograph is chosen for each day and the selected works will be exhibited both in Turkey and abroad and published in a book. The purpose of “ISTANBUL 365” is to create a rolling journal seen through the eyes of a photography group, to document the city in photographs and to share this with the world and generations to come.